9 reasons to use Dowers to manage your kitchen renovation project

If you are looking for a kitchen manufacturer to project manage your entire kitchen renovation process, we offer an end-to-end service at Dowers – from designing and making your bespoke kitchen, to fitting it and managing all the other trades onsite.  As part of a truly bespoke personal service, we can project manage the whole kitchen upgrade or if you just want us to make the kitchen and work with your choice of installers and trades, that’s what we do.

9 reasons to use Dowers to project manage your entire kitchen renovation project

You may have your own reasons for bringing us in just for the kitchen cabinets and joinery – your own builder, your preferred tradesman, you may want to be heavily involved with the entire build. That’s your choice and we will happily work with you or your contractors. But for us, our clients are at the heart of our business. So it makes sense to look after you from start to finish.

There are many reasons for choosing us to manage the entire kitchen renovation process.

1.     One point of contact

Aside from the kitchen installer there are a myriad of trades to bring in to accommodate the latest trends and technology in kitchens – electricians, plumber, gas fitters, builder, structural engineers, plasterers, tilers, decorators, floorers, underfloor heating specialists. The list goes on. These could be needed before you even start installation of your kitchen.

That’s a lot of trades for you to individually communicate with and juggle.

2.     Speedier finish time

Timescales can easily go astray, especially in the current climate when trades are hard to find.  Having one point of contact between you and us, stops any unforeseeable errors and complications in the project, resulting in less problems and a speedier finish date.

3.     Trusted trades

We work with a reliable network of tradespeople we know and trust. We know they will do a good job, that they run a reputable business and are properly qualified. There’s not the worry you will end up with a cowboy builder who does a substandard job, doesn’t come back to remedy issues, or doesn’t even turn up in the first place, costing you time, stress and money. 

And because we have leverage with these companies, we know they will be there when we need them to complete the project on time, and within the estimated budget where possible.  Their reputations are at stake and they are keen for more business from us.  How many times have you spoken to a friend recently who said they can’t get hold of builders, plumbers etc in the current climate?  Let that be our problem, not yours.

4.     Reduces your stress

When you ask us to project manage your kitchen renovation, we take the hassle and pressure away from you. You don’t have to work out who needs to be where and when. You don’t have to be there to let them in and oversee the work or confront them if something hasn’t been done the way you wanted.  That’s our job.

5.     Problem solving

If a problem occurs, we will sort it out.  Wrongly wired lighting – it’s our headache not yours.  With one client, when we discovered chewed cables in the ceiling, we sorted out a pest controller to come and deal with the mice. 

6.     Time management

As with any complex project, success is all in the planning!  As part of our project management process, we get the key trades on site (where necessary prior to the project kick off) and give you and them a project spreadsheet with timescales and a daily overview of who should be where.  It requires the chronological ordering of many skill sets.

If there are delays or setbacks, we adjust the timescales to eliminate any knock-on effects on the other trades.  A well scheduled project speeds up the kitchen renovation process.

7.     Communication

Our trades know and regularly work with each other.  It ensures good communication.  They look out for each other. And of course, we communicate with you, keeping you informed throughout the project.

8.     Insurance

If you instruct your own trades, you are responsible. You need to ensure they have correct insurance with liability in place.  All our contractors are vetted and insured.

9.     Estimated budget

Having us to project manage, means we will endeavour to keep to the estimate. We know what to expect – what to ask for and likely costs.

If you are considering getting a new bespoke kitchen for your home, let us manage the entire kitchen renovation project for you.  It is our job, not yours, to ensure your kitchen design and installation process is as seamless as possible.

Contact Guy at Dowers to discuss your kitchen project.

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