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At Dowers we take great pride in what we do. Making each element of a new kitchen by hand means we stay true to our values. We don’t use the easiest construction techniques at the expense of quality, we don’t rely on pre-built units and we don’t cut corners! Our craftsmen are committed to creating the highest standard. One joined us from college nine years ago and now runs the workshop, and we all work closely together like a family. All this effort produces a kitchen built to last and built to serve its new owner. An indication of this is how we recently added new worktops and modified the layout for two kitchens we made over 30 years ago … both were still in amazing condition!

We’ve always believed the process of creating a kitchen should be enjoyable and exciting. It’s creative, immersive, fun and challenging at times! Our showroom has many examples of worktops, handles, finishes, drawers, units and more. We’re based in Liss (near Petersfield) in Hampshire, and we’d love you to pop in for a cup of tea to discuss your ideas – you’ll see how we work, the tools we use and just how “handmade” we really are. Please email or call us to arrange a visit.

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Dowers Kitchens
“Our kitchens are designed to be easy to live with and built to last for the decades to come.”

Seamless experience

Guy and Pam started out restoring old stripped pine furniture, were asked to make furniture and then kitchens. We have worked in a washhouse and a converted pig shed, survived a devastating fire then moved to our current workshop.

In 2019 we brought our Petersfield showroom to the workshop to give our customers a seamless experience. In our spare time we are heavily involved in Petersfield Rugby Club where we are both Vice Presidents (Pam is a former head of England Women’s Rugby). And after 40 years together we are still talking and still married!

Inside the workshop

Dowers Bepoke Kitchens Hampshire

The tools of our trade

Guy leads our workshop team, who still use some of the same hand tools they picked up the day they started. Some things really do get better with age.

Material benefits

Within your overall kitchen concept, we’ll use specialist materials in specific locations, such as breadboard ends next to an AGA to prevent warping, cracking, overheating or other damage.

Exactly right

The craftsman’s practised eye, skilled hand, lifetime’s experience and relentless attention to detail is plain to see in our truly bespoke solid wooden kitchens.
bespoke kitchen with traditional dovetail joints in box constructions such as drawers to ensure strength and trueness

Built to last

We use traditional dovetail joints in box constructions such as drawers to ensure strength and trueness. Cutting these joints by hand takes real skill and experience.
bespoke kitchen estimate

The best-laid plans

We use modern CAD drawings to produce our plans, created by the craftsmen themselves. Using our personal knowledge and understanding of materials and techniques we can accurately plan your kitchen so you know what to expect.

Power and precision

Our precision equipment and skilled machinists allow us to make all the different pieces for your kitchen to extremely fine tolerances, with absolute consistency.

Shaping your world

A truly bespoke kitchen is made to fit the space, not the other way round. That often calls for some intricate cutting and imaginative problem-solving by our craftsmen and fitters.

Made to measure

We have the skills and tools to make whatever you need – and since you’re not restricted to a manufacturer’s specifications, feel free to set us a challenge: we’re always up for it.
guy cheeseman dowers kitchens

The perfect finish

This is your kitchen, and you’re welcome to get involved. Some clients get hands-on and spend time with us in the workshop, liming their own cupboard doors with us to achieve the exact shade and finish they want!

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