Dowers Bespoke Kitchens aftercare service

Dowers Bespoke Kitchens aftercare service

One of the critical elements of a kitchen design and build is the final stage of the process – the aftercare service.

For us, aftercare is not a reactive service, for when things go wrong (but of course we are only a phone call away if it does), but something we pride ourselves on.

At Dowers, the end of the installation is not the end of our commitment to our clients. We aim to visit our clients (free of charge) about one month after we have finished installation.  (We are so pleased that the easing of lockdown restrictions means we can finally get out to see you all again). This is to check the client is happy and if we need to make any adjustments. One of the things we are looking for is movement in the wood. Wood will take on the ambient atmosphere of its environment and generally the atmosphere in our clients’ houses will be warmer than our workshop, so the wood dries out and shrinks. Perfectly natural. That could mean making a subtle adjustment to a shelf or door or some new finishing between the ceiling and the top of a cabinet where the moulding has moved. Another adjustment might be where wooden drawers settle due to the weight of the contents, so we need to make minor adjustments to allow them to continue to open smoothly.

Further down the line you might decide you need some additions, adjustments, or extra units. Sometimes, it’s not until you use your kitchen daily that you realise what extras you might need. We recently made additional cutlery trays for one client who wanted to repurpose some of the drawers. With some clients we have carried out a complete kitchen makeover when they’ve had an extension built.

It’s important to remember that a kitchen takes the heaviest strain in a home. Our kitchens are built to last but we recognise we may have to make adjustments or additions over the years. Recently we have had a spat of clients coming back to us, some nearly 20 years after we originally built their kitchen as their bins needed replacing. Design and technology have moved on, so we replaced the bin and the pull-out mechanism. As you would expect, after this length of time, it was at the clients cost but the fact they are able to come back to the original kitchen maker and have a replacement unit fitted that perfectly matches their kitchen, makes the whole upgrade process easy for them.

The Dowers aftercare promise

We’ll help you care for your kitchen throughout its (very long) life. Whether it’s cosmetic, mechanical or structural, a breakage or failure, repairs or replacements, or just dealing with the inevitable wear and tear, we’re always here for you, and just a phone call or email away.

Please note that the aim of our aftercare service to ensure you enjoy your kitchen for life and to help you manage any issues or updates. Any associated costs may be met by manufacturers’ warrantees (for appliances or externally sourced fixtures and fittings), by you or by us, depending on the circumstances or timescales involved.

For more information on our kitchen or to book a free consultation, please contact us.

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