Planning your new kitchen ready for summer 2022

What is top of your wish list for 2022? That exotic holiday or adventure might still be tentative with so many aspects of our lives up in the air, however there is something you can focus on. Your own home.

If you want to renovate your kitchen this year, there is no better time to start planning.

Now is the perfect time to research and plan.  Get planning now and be first in the queue to get your kitchen built and installed.  Otherwise you might not get it done in time for the summer.

Planning your new kitchen

We’re in the business of creating dream kitchens that last. We want to be sure our clients choose a kitchen that works for them, not just today but in the long-term. Not only does it need to look great, but it should work well, add value to your home and meet the needs of your family and lifestyle with all its ups and downs.

Here are some of the questions we ask our clients at the planning stage so we can build a kitchen that is future proof.

  • Take a look at the room and the space.
    • Do you need to make any structural alterations? For example, taking out a wall to create a kitchen living space.
    • Do you want to provide a seamless link with your outdoor space?
  • What works in your current kitchen? And more importantly, what doesn’t work? Think about the ergonomics – can you easily move and work around the space and get everything you need.
  • What storage do you need? Do you like your gadgets and utensils on display or hidden?
  • What appliances you want? Again – what do you want on display, what do you want integrated?
  • How do you like to work in your kitchen? Are you a cook that needs lots of worktop space? Do you need a prep sink, bin or a hob in a certain place?
  • Do you want to have a separate food prep area to the dining / entertaining area?
  • Do you want a larder?
  • Is an island top of your list?

Most importantly we ask you to think outside the box – that’s what we excel at. We can build kitchens a standard kitchen company wouldn’t be able to dream of achieving.  If you could have anything in your dream kitchen, how would it look? Let your imagination run wild and we’ll see if we can create it.

Researching new kitchen ideas

The trouble is that we can get kitchen inspiration overload if we go online. Where should you start when you are looking for ideas for your kitchen?

For many of our clients, having a good old fashioned scrap book is still the best way to get all of their ideas and thoughts together. Whether they cut-out pages from some of the well-known kitchen and house magazines or print off from the internet, it works well to collate everything so they can compare and review. 

Equally, making an online scrap book on Pinterest is perfect as they can share their ideas easily with us.

You can check out some of the latest kitchen design trends for 2022 in our blog here.

What we need from you

Armed with your dream kitchen ideas, we want to help you to get a budget together.  The first step is for us to create your free estimate.  When you request an online consultation from our website, we will get in touch and send you our questionnaire to cover off all the essential information we need to know to create an estimate.

The questionnaire includes all the points mentioned above.  We also ask for approximate room measurement and any features of the room, for example curved walls or placement of windows.  It helps to take photos and send them to us.

Once you get the estimate, we invite you to ask any more questions. We invite you to our showroom but if you are unable to come to us or uncomfortable because of the pandemic we can chat via zoom or WhatsApp or on the phone.

If you are happy with everything the next step is to for us to create a full CAD design and quotation. (We have a £250 design fee, which is off-set against the final cost of the kitchen.)

And then we start the kitchen build. You can read more about our build process here.

Make 2022 memorable for the right reasons.  Start planning your dream kitchen now. Who knows, you might even get to entertain friends and family in your new kitchen before too long.

For help, ideas, and advice, please give Guy a call on 01730 894611, 07774 489 542 anytime evenings and weekends or request our free consultation.

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