Let’s Talk Kitchen Storage.

Speak to most people and the main frustration they have is with the kitchen storage, there either isn’t enough or too much and space that could be utilised is going to waste. To create a well-functioning kitchen it’s so important that every piece of kitchenware, appliance or utensil has a dedicated place. Your new bespoke kitchen should be designed around the way you use it, so every cupboard, shelf, pantry or drawer needs to work for you.

Every Dowers kitchen is designed with you in mind and no matter the size or type of space you have we can create a functional area that will hide away your essentials – from small gallery kitchens to larger open plan kitchen areas we will create a practical and efficient style to make you fall back in love with your kitchen. Our bespoke hand-crafted cabinetry gives you the choice to have your storage as you please, hide it away or keep it on display or mix it up – it’s entirely up to you!

The delight of a larder!

Have you thought about having a pantry? It is a great solution for storage and most kitchen areas will benefit from the addition of the handy additional space. A fabulous place to store foodstuffs that last, flour, preserves, grains, pasta, oatmeal and all those delicious family treats!

A pantry can be designed to fit floor to ceiling, be free-standing, be a double or single slim design or a pull-out concealed design, whatever you choose it will be a practical and beautiful addition to your kitchen. You could even conceal your coffee machine in there if it takes your fancy and don’t forget, it can be a great place to hide your Dyson!

Is open kitchen storage more your thing?

We are all different and we ensure we create our designs based around exactly what you want, open kitchen storage and shelving is a fantastic way to store and stack your (no doubt) stylish tableware and pots and pans – they can bring a real creative touch to your kitchen. It is also a great way to make sure you keep your kitchen tidy! If having your pots and pans on show isn’t the effect you are after then you can always have potted plants, herbs and cookbooks on display – also a great way to bring a splash of colour to your space.

Open shelving and storage can help to create a sense of space within your area, it allows everything to be close at hand and it means you can be very creative with the storage of your ingredients

Worktop clutter, be gone.

Clear those worktops.

Why not hide your appliances behind some super stylish storage – keep your work surfaces clear of clutter to give a modern, sleek feel to your kitchen. Pop your kettle and coffee machine behind closed doors and create hidden workspaces.

How deep are your drawers?

Have you ever really thought the benefit of deep drawers? Well, there are a few! A deep kitchen drawer will allow you to store pots and pans and oven trays. You can also stack your tableware neatly away in a drawer in individual slats stacks, this can enhance the life span of your tableware as stacking will prevent knocks and chips. Having these drawers next to your cooking area or island makes your kitchen even more efficient. Drawers can be used to store anything, the important thing is to give you better access, you can see what is stored and generally give more storage. Gone are the days of lying on the floor and emptying a cupboard to find something that in another cupboard!

Kitchen drawer and cupboard inserts

Having bespoke inlays will save you time and unnecessary stress! How many times have you wasted time looking for utensils when they aren’t where they should be? Having bespoke inlays in your cupboards or drawers provide a ‘home’ for everything and a solution to the ‘just chuck it in the drawer’ mentality. When everything has a ‘home’ then it’s easy to find and can be accessed instantly (just remember to tell everyone in your home where everything lives so everything gets put back in the right place!)

Glass Fronted Cabinets

The same principle applies to glass-fronted cabinets as to open shelving/storage. There is no need to hide your best pieces away? To further enhance your pieces on display you can add mood lighting – don’t forget you can get creative with your lighting choices, this again, is entirely your choice.

Glass fronted cabinets can also give your room a feeling of space as the natural light will enhance your space.

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