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If you’ve found us online or been recommended to us, one of the first things you are bound to ask is our kitchens within your budget? We’re not going to deny it. A bespoke handmade kitchen will cost significantly more than an off-the-shelf one from a high street chain.

In response to how much one of our handmade kitchens’ costs, our answer is…it depends.  To give you some idea, the cost of a handmade kitchen from Dowers Bespoke Kitchens generally ranges upwards from £30,000 including appliances, installation and VAT.  We’ve done some for less than that and equally we’ve worked on projects that far exceed that.

That’s a huge range and it is difficult to determine an average price. Where you will be, on the lower or higher end of the spectrum, depends on how your kitchen is designed and what level of individuality you wish to invest. The costs also depend on how far you want to go and how big you want your kitchen to be. If you are looking for a smaller size galley style kitchen you are most likely to be at the lower end. But if your goal is to create a floor to ceiling wall of cabinets then you will have to pay more money.

The whole concept behind one of our handmade kitchens is that no two kitchens are the same – there is a wide range of designs and styles and having a tailored space usually comes with a price tag.

Why do handmade bespoke kitchens cost more than standard designs?

Whilst prices of raw materials are spiralling upwards in the current climate, it’s not the materials that are the greatest expense. It’s what you do with the materials. The majority of bespoke kitchen costs come from the craftsmanship, the complexity of design and the installation.

At Dowers we are always striving to improve our processes and provide the highest quality kitchens for our clients.

Essentially, the more specific our clients are regarding what they want, often the higher the price. In this recent kitchen build, for the base unit shown, we created three separate pull-out racks to house the spices chopping boards, foil, trays and jars.

The more artistry involved, the more you can expect to pay, and that choice is down to our clients.

One of a kind

The investment into something truly bespoke can be stunning, and many of our clients would agree it is worthwhile to achieve a kitchen which is one of a kind. It’s also an investment in your home, whether it’s your forever home for you to enjoy for many years or if you are thinking about moving in the future, it will increase the value and desirability of your property.

We pride ourselves on creating high-quality kitchens, we never try to save money by compromising on quality. However, there are choices that can help to keep the project within budget, whilst keeping the aesthetics beautiful. The worktops, the appliances, the number of drawers used in the design, for example. We can offer two different construction techniques, traditional and contemporary, the latter reducing the budget.  When we put your quote together, we discuss all the options available to you within your budget with the aim of giving you the kitchen you always wanted.

If you’re ready for a handmade bespoke kitchen which is tailor-made to the needs of you and your family, give us a call or visit our showroom.

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