A fresh look which offers a modern twist to the traditional farmhouse

The Warnford Shaker is designed to work for the whole family, offering a place to cook, socialise and enjoy food and drink together. The layout has been arranged so that the working area of the kitchen is placed away from the seating area to offer some separation whilst retaining a cosy atmosphere.

Aesthetically the design is very clean and works well in a home with modern elements such as spot lights and a flat ceiling. The colour of this particular kitchen really "pops" against the crisp, white walls and contributes to the pleasing and sophisticated feeling of the room. As this kitchen is designed to work in a modern/traditional build such as a renovated farmhouse, there are several references to traditional building techniques such as the Shaker-style kitchen doors, the wooden surface on the centre island and the choice of handles throughout the kitchen.

"This clean and modern kitchen functions well for the whole family"

Features of this kitchen

A carefully chosen colour palette

The colours have been carefully chosen: the wall units are light in colour so they disappear into the walls, the base units are darker for increased contrast and the island a is lighter tone of the base units to make a statement.

Using reclaimed original pieces

For this project, our client had an original base unit for which we designed and built a new top section, converting it into a larder and giving it a new lease of life.

Integrated storage solutions for appliances

This cupboard door is for larger appliances such as a mixer and was built to match the unit next to it, also replicating what’s on the opposite side of the island. It looks like a drawer but it's actually an opening cupboard unit!

Using all the available space

This small space was made into a three-tier set of drawers for quick and easy access to pans and other cooking equipment.

Everything considered, even the waste

Sometimes the bin can be an afterthought in a kitchen, but not with our Warnford Shaker kitchen. This solution offers a way to keep the bins out of sight and out of the way. The bins themselves are also bespoke.
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