A classic combination of farmhouse styling with some modern comforts

Our traditional farmhouse kitchen is designed to complement any traditional home, especially an old farmhouse. If your home oozes country character, or is constructed with traditional methods such as wooden beams, this traditional farmhouse kitchen will be a splendid addition to your property.

The kitchen is designed and constructed around traditional building methods such as ledge and brace doors with "T" hinges, tongue and groove, and wood finishes which give a warm, rustic and homely feel. Here at Dowers, we like to use character oak for this style of kitchen; it gives organic patterns, knots and beautiful imperfections which make it more interesting than using more common grades of oak. Although the kitchen looks truly authentic it uses technology and bespoke storage solutions to offer the perks of a modern kitchen.

traditional farmhouse kitchens
If your home oozes country character, or is constructed with traditional methods such as wooden beams, this traditional farmhouse kitchen will be a splendid addition to your property
farmhouse kitchen plate rack

Features of this kitchen

Traditional granite

We used black granite with an antiqued finish around the sink area to help keep water away from the wooden tops. This finish of granite offers a rustic look which works brilliantly with the style of this kitchen, and with the rest of the house.

The extractor fan is hidden in a mantle and vented outside by hidden ducting inside the wall units. The mantle, with its shelf, is made to complement the look and feel of the kitchen, blending in subtly with the rest of the room.
rustic style wooden kitchens

Stop the dusting

We took extra care to fit the kitchen around the beams. We believe this level of attention to detail is what makes our kitchen special. Not only that, it means our client never has to dust up there.
traditional farmhouse kitchens

Using the available space

The wall units come right around to the window to give as much storage as possible.
farmhouse kitchen plate rack

Traditional old-style plate rack

The traditional old-style plate rack not only gives easy access and storage for the plates but it also really looks the part! The wall unit in the corner may have been small but we were still able to get extra storage there.

The right dishwasher for the job

This integrated drawer dishwasher by Fisher and Paykel is very useful as it doesn’t take a lot of space. Its style and dimensions gave us the ability to give our client a dishwasher which they needed, without compromising on the kitchen design. It provides six place settings and is ideal for smaller households.

The combination works

With both the fridge and dishwasher open you can see the unusual combination gives good access for both appliances, which is very important in a modern kitchen design. Having a fridge of this size at this height makes access much better.
traditional farmhouse kitchens

What’s behind those doors

This just looks like a pair of double doors. The whole point in this kitchen design is to make it fit seamlessly with the rest of the house. In the next image you'll see what's inside...

Oh, the washing machine!

As a washing machine is not used as frequently as the dishwasher it can be put behind double doors, thus hiding it from sight. This has the added advantage of giving extra work surface around the sink.

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