A feeling of openness where traditional styling meets modern illumination and storage solutions

The layout of the new kitchen was basically to follow the old kitchen but with a few additions and minor changes. The main change was where we had taken the wall down. The American-style fridge had originally stood against the wall. The only place for it was in an alcove next to the Aga. This meant it didn’t detract from the feeling of openness we were trying to generate, and also that it wasn’t far from the kitchen and easily accessible for everyone else.

The second alteration came at the back of the peninsular. There was a step down where the wall had been which needed to be taken into account. We put in tall base units on the back of the units to create an extra upstand on the kitchen side – giving us the opportunity to put in additional electrics there. To soften the move from the kitchen to the dining room, on top of the extra-high cupboard we put in an oak worktop with a difference.

"Dowers designed, built and fitted a sensational new kitchen-dining room. The creative process was a joint collaboration with the client and Dowers really listened to what we needed and paid attention to detail. The quality and durability of their units will stand the test of time. We have used Dowers over many years on different projects and would recommend them highly."

Features of this kitchen

A fridge housing with a difference

We needed to create a fridge housing in an area where the fridge used almost all of the space. We could have just moved the fridge further to one side but that would not have worked aesthetically. There was also a problem with a step being in the way. We therefore created two very narrow slide out larder units either side of the fridge which offer increased storage and make use of the available space. This is the benefit of going bespoke.

Let’s create more storage

The raised section of the peninsular was brought out to an oak beam which meant we could create very useful storage on the dining room side. The oak worktop helped the transition between kitchen and living space.
bespoke dining room cupboard

Making the most of that extra storage

An interesting challenge in this particular house: we had to work with a step and make sure we used all the storage space available. So we used drawers everywhere, but they were differing depths and disguised behind false doors.

Attention to detail

The lattice work on the doors and above the fridge are special touches we offer at Dowers. We have used this lattice in other work we have done for this client throughout their home.
custom cupboard for irregular cavity

What to do with an old doorway

When we removed the old kitchen and the wall we discovered this area was an old doorway. The top became double doors with shelves; below, the drawers were very deep and went all the way into the corner, making good use of the newly found space.

Why spoil the doors with handles

As the doors needed to look like panels, we made them all push to open. Modern hardware in a traditional kitchen.
rethinking your kitchen living space

Adding oak into the mix

To offer some visual contrast in the kitchen we used oak for drawer fronts, the plate rack, under the sink and the two wooden worktops.
family kitchen

Rounded corners

To soften the corner of the base units we rounded off what had been a sharp corner. Better on the hips!
custom built glass fronted cabinet

A glass cupboard with a difference

The glass cupboard in the top unit is finished with a mirror, glass shelves and lights to show off the glassware. The base looks like a drawer but double doors pull out to reveal two pan trays to store the occasional bottle...
rethinking your kitchen living space

Everyone has to have a home

We even created a space for the cat’s bed under a bookcase near the arched door. The most important person in the house!

Illuminated worktop on the peninsular

This just gives this kitchen the wow factor.

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