Simple can be beautiful

The original client wanted a kitchen that was very plain and didn’t have lots of edges to catch dust. Ideally the kitchen would be easy to look after whilst taking advantage of all the benefits that traditional building methods offer. It was also very important that we make use of available space.

We designed the Henham kitchen with in-frame doors and drawers. The door and drawer fronts are made from oak-veneered MDF which offers an unobtrusive and minimalist finish. The benefit of this construction and material combination is that we could use traditional hinges, subsequently increasing the longevity and durability of the kitchen.

As this kitchen was designed to be subtle and blend into the walls, we used a light colour palette for the units and worktop. The worktops were cut from acrylic which helps give the kitchen a modern feel.

"Very Happy with my kitchen, and the after sales service has been excellent, with any glitches sorted without any hassle. The rest of the house was well protected from any dirt and disruption too which I was grateful for"

Features of this kitchen

No compromises on functionality

Although our kitchens are traditional in design that doesn’t stop us including modern features like a pull-out larder, magic corners and cushion-close drawers and doors even though we use traditional hinges.

Like a piece of furniture

Our kitchen design and construction ethos is different to many other bespoke builders; our pieces are made as if they are pieces of furniture. An example would be the image above. The effect is that this unit including the fridge/ freezer housing, the slide-out larder and oven housing are made as one single piece. There are no joints in the woodwork where individual units would usually join.
kitchen cabinets up to ceiling

Ban dust! Who wants a dust trap?

As everything we make is truly bespoke we can design and build the tall wall units to go to the ceiling level, avoiding that awful space which is only good for collecting dust. Not only that, but you get more storage for no additional cost.

Design is not an accident

When designing this part of the kitchen we balanced the design of the units giving open shelves and glass doors. The doors in the wall units line up with those in the base unit whilst the wall units end short of the ceiling to create a dresser feel. The worktop on the base was made from wood that complements the table, chairs and the dresser, making this area feel relaxed.

The mix of old and new

The clean, simple design of the kitchen contrasts with the old pine dresser which we had made many years before. The handles on the kitchen are made from wood which visually ties the kitchen and dresser together.

A bookcase with a difference

Because the end of the bookcase will be seen we didn’t want to have a flat end panel, so we created a bookcase which is open on two sides.

A plain extractor housing matches the doors

The mantle, which is very traditional with its shelf design, hides the extractor while still blending into the overall design. The ducting is hidden in the wall units.

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