Completing your dream kitchen in style

Our whole service is designed around giving our clients exactly what they want and need from their new kitchen. After all it is their kitchen we have the privilege of making, not ours. So, when it comes to selecting and matching appliances, sinks, taps, worktops, handles and other fittings it is up to our clients.

We will go to great lengths to create our client’s dream kitchen. An example of this would be a client of ours who wanted a particular finish on their handles and hinges. It wasn’t available so we organised for them to be refinished to their exact specification. Worktops are another good example; we will supply anything we can locate including laminate, wood (many species), acrylic, quartz and granite. A client asked previously asked us for a wood worktop with a river of resin inside it. We experimented with different methods for this design until we found one that worked well, then ended up integrating LED lights. We now offer this service to all clients, you’ll find this on the illuminated worktops page.