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farmhouse kitchen central island

Need more worktop space in your kitchen? Don’t have enough storage and too much clutter? A kitchen island may be just what you need. A perfect addition to any kitchen and a great way to optimise every inch of possible functionality.

Fit around house structure – support beam

farmhouse kitchen central island

The Stanford Kitchen is a fantastic example of how bespoke design can transform a traditional kitchen into a new, modern space without taking away the beauty of the old building and its features. This old house had a large support beam in the middle of the kitchen that could not be removed. To many this may have been a spanner in the works however, to our talented team at dowers we turned it into a great focus piece on the kitchen island. This allowed us to keep the limed oak within the kitchen as well as help tie in the traditional look.

Important walls

Another example of an old kitchen playing a big part in a new build is this load bearing wall that created a wasted space. This was solved when we turned the empty floor space into a small kitchen island that allowed what was once a void area, into a practical kitchen nook for a coffee or quick bite to eat. 

Also, adding the natural wood back into the colour scheme avoided the harsh white taking over.

Built in plug sockets

Built in plug socket in kitchen unit

Having a bespoke kitchen gives you the perfect opportunity to combat messy chargers and clutter on a kitchen surface. Having a plug socket built into your kitchen worktop can create so much more area to work and reduce most of the unnecessary clutter to create a more polished and modern look. Not to mention add some practical electricity for those low phone battery emergencies or kitchen appliances like blenders and air fryers.

Gap between floor and cupboards

guy cheeseman dowers kitchens

To most, a kitchen cupboard or island would start from the floor. But we are bespoke – our client wanted a specific look and we provided it. At Dowers we can build anything your heart desires and this kitchen island is a great example. The gaps between the island and the floor adds a nice finishing touch and allows even more of that natural wood floor to be seen from underneath. 

Custom drawers to meet design aesthetic 

Dowers Kitchens Custom drawers to meet design aesthetic

In this kitchen we had a very limited space with the island, but we were not going to let that sacrifice the aesthetic design. In order for us to provide our customer with the built-in bookshelf they wanted, we had to take a little space out of the drawers inside of the island. However, to prevent any unwanted asymmetry we created bespoke fronts to the drawers that disguised this and kept the sleek finish to the cabinet. Another reason bespoke kitchens are the best kitchens!

Bespoke table seating area added/ turn into table itself

rethinking your kitchen living space

Bespoke table seating area added/ turn into table itself

Many of our customers want their kitchen island to be practical and functional. One of the best ways this can be done is by transforming them into a small seating area. This is a great way of providing an added functionality to what would be a little wasted space. At Dowers we work hard to provide the best outcome as you can see here. This island had no space to add seating due to the cabinets and storage within it. However, we quickly solved this issue by adding a gorgeous natural wood shelf at the end that provided the added length for a couple of chairs and immediately transformed the island into a quaint little seating area. For an even more bespoke look, we can create a custom area within the island that holds the chairs when not in use. This is a perfect solution if you have limited floor space or just want a more organised area.

If you are looking to incorporate a bespoke island into your kitchen, get in touch today! Head to our contact page or give us a call: 01730 894611

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