Kitchen Design Trends For 2020

kitchen design trends

Let’s talk kitchen design trends for 2020.

As we approach the end of another year, is it just us or has 2019 flown by? I guess we shouldn’t complain but it’s always a shock to the system when Christmas creeps upon us! It’s time to take a look at kitchen design trends for 2020 and how we can incorporate these into our designs for our Clients.

First off, let’s talk about Marble because next year is going to be full of it! Think strongly veined, busy marble for next-level style! Whites, golds, blacks, blues, greys, it’s up to you!

Dowers tip: marble is quite a porous material and can mark easily, a great alternative is to consider quartz, it is similar to a marble effect and will last a little longer.

Time to go dark(er)!

Kitchen design trends for 2020 are set to bring back black! Last year we saw deep navy making a splash in homes across the country but 2020 is all about the black and is set to become the new ‘neutral’. Some people get put off by black thinking it might ‘close’ your space but it actually brings a luxurious elegant touch to your kitchen space, consider mixing your colour palettes by adding tones of chestnut, browns and shades of grey with metallic finishes, complete with adding rustic textured woods to add give a rustic, homely feel – this is a great way to bring everything together and really get your space looking incredible.

Dowers tip: Black can mark easily, sticky fingers, bottle marks etc consider honing or antiquing your surfaces to stop any annoying marks.

Colour pop!

We love this, bring your personality into your kitchen space with a pop of colour. This is key in creating a focal point and can be anything from a coloured stove, flooring, window treatments, splashbacks to cabinets. Don’t be scared – let your inner creative out! You can complement your colour choices by adding small accessories or appliances in matching colours to create a unified look. Remember, there are no rules, but just make sure you can live with your choices.

The statement sink is staying!

2019 saw the statement sink trend really take off and it looks as though they are here to stay! We have seen a new trend of sinks with intricate details, metallic and hammered finishes. The best thing about these sinks is that you get to choose incredible feature taps and they can be a piece that brings everything together – you can also benefit from the latest innovative technological advancements of the tap (it’s just simply not a tap anymore!!) known as live colour taps.

We are particularly loving the new gold tap and sink combo – it really is one of the most striking effects within a kitchen (and bathroom) space.

The return of the larder/pantry!

The larder (or pantry) is key in kitchen design trends for 2020, they have now turned into one the ‘must-have’ kitchen items. They are perfect for storage and for keeping all your goods in one place, they generally make your kitchen space a lot more organised. You can really get creative with your larder by having an attractive piece bespoke built for you, making it a piece of art in your kitchen.

No handles!

How do you feel about this? The latest contemporary looks are for a paired-back feel which has increased the popularity of handless cabinet doors, push-open and close doors mean there is no need for the handle anymore (depending on your taste of course), if you don’t like the push-open and close door the alternative is to have recessed handles which provide the same sleek look.

Finally, if you have space we have seen that the ‘double island’ is about to make a big appearance. The island has also become a kitchen essential and a pair of island units has become the last work in luxury for when space is no object.

We are so excited by the kitchen design trends for 2020 and can’t wait to get started working with ideas with our Clients.

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