How to design the perfect kitchen larder

kitchen larder design tips

Once consigned to the kitchens of yesteryear, the kitchen larder has made a majestic come back in recent times, and not just in traditional style kitchens.  Whether you’re opting for ultra-modern design or rustic charm, the kitchen larder is the perfect solution to keep your kitchen clutter free but still offering the essential storage you need.

We know from the many larders we’ve created for our clients, what makes a larder work well and what features to include.  We’ve shared our top larder design tips below.

Cover up an awkward space

The joy of a larder is that it can hide a multitude of sins.  Many of the properties we work with have unusual layouts where standard kitchen cabinets just wouldn’t work. An unused recess or a forgotten corner can be adapted for a bespoke larder.

In the example below, when we created this larder in a tight corner, rather than build the standard 45 degree corner doors, we built the front of the larder at an acute angle so both the larder and the units either side were fully accessible.

Keep everything accessible

Just because it’s behind a closed door doesn’t mean you should pile it high with food and utensils. We’ve found it’s far better to have shallower shelves at the back (ie not the standard 600mm depth) as otherwise everything migrates to back and you can’t access it.

Similarly, built-in drawers keep everything accessible.

Use every space wisely

Creating spice racks on the doors and internal pull-out units, uses the space wisely and is pleasing on the eye.

Light the way

The dark, dingy larders of old have no place in modern living. Bring the features of your larder to life, and make everything easy to find with well-designed lighting – LED strip lights on inside frames can be perfect for this.

Hidden assets

The larder is a great place to hide away utensils and appliances without making them impossible to access or use. We’ve built larders with microwaves, coffee machines and toasters alongside shelving for large mixers and bread makers – all things that can clutter up kitchen surfaces otherwise.

Stand out designs

The design and craftsmanship in modern larders and pantries are features in themselves. Spotlight your larder with bold colour ways and eye-catching fixtures. For instance, feature handles on the outside and an accent colour inside, especially one that celebrates the special items you’ve stored in there.

A larder is a great way to create a more homely atmosphere while freeing up space in the rest of your kitchen. If you are looking to incorporate a larder into your new kitchen and want a bespoke solution that will work perfectly for your home, please give Guy a call on 01730 894611.

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