Combining different spaces to create a flowing and practical kitchen

The Battle Shaker kitchen was made easier to design because it was basically two rooms, the working part and the living part. The working part of the kitchen was split into two – the cooking side and the sink side. The cooking side was defined by the Aga. The positioning of the oven at the end was helped by the way the door opened and keeps the main working appliances as far from the living area as possible. The fridge is on the other end, so it is not far from the main working area but also easily accessible for the dining room and the family area. Having all the tall units on this side really worked aesthetically because anyone entering the kitchen from the family area is going to see the bookcase (on the end of the fridge) and the open worktop of the sink side ... giving a spacious, open feel.

The sink area worked well because the backup hob is isolated and doesn’t affect the working area of the worktop. The living area provides more of that precious commodity, storage and additional work surface, while still looking interesting with lots of angles and an open shelf unit placed centrally in the wall units.

This is our third Dower’s Kitchen. I couldn’t be happier with it, though the other two were lovely too. This latest one embodies everything you could possibly want from a kitchen. It’s beautiful, elegant, practical, functional and everything is in the right place. Loads of storage, easy access, a doddle to work in, and because it’s so good looking and restful, everyone is drawn to it. It’s an ideal family space, and we all love it.

Features of this kitchen

A perfect working space

The expanse of polished black granite creates an inviting working space. Each unit includes pan drawers and trays which give fantastic storage and easy access when cooking.

A practical secondary hob

Putting the hob in this corner meant it did not compromise the expanse of the rest of the worktop, while keeping it close to the action.

Extract away

A pop-up extractor was the ideal way to provide extraction without compromising on storage. With the overhead space we saved, we built a corner cupboard for extra storage.

The centre point

The Aga is, of course, the centre point but the space either side between the oven and the fridge creates a fantastic work surface and the pan drawers provide bountiful storage. A win, win.
shaker style country kitchen

Softer angles

As the worktop changes shape and the kitchen moves from working area to the family area the walls also change. So we angled the door and made a set of drawers for cutlery and tableware to break up the straight line.

Effective use of the available space

While we create an angle, we still make sure we use all the space available by extending the door around the corner.

An end panel?

The end panel of the fridge housing becomes a useful bookcase which also helps create a relaxed atmosphere in the living part of the kitchen.

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