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Bespoke Handmade Bedroom Furniture.

Have you been looking at that empty space in your bedroom thinking how it could be better utilised? Well just imagine that space filled with beautiful built-in bespoke handmade wardrobes to give you additional storage space.

If you are not sure of the advantages of having custom handmade furniture over shop-built free standing furniture we thought we would give you some very good reasons why you should be considering bespoke handmade furniture.

Custom Design.

With fitted bedroom furniture, it will be custom made for you and your room, it doesn’t matter the size or shape of your room, a fitted wardrobe is exactly that, crafted and fitted to accommodate any shape or space. You’re fitted bedroom may include a wardrobe that has one small door and three large ones or you may think two extra-large doors and three drawers work best for you. Maybe you have a peculiarly angled ceiling or unusually shaped windows designing around these is still not a problem.

Creating Space.

Fitted bedroom furniture will maximise and utilise your available space – we normally recommend floor to ceiling height, not only because it looks stylish but because it gives you plenty of space for storage…..think of all those new shoes and dresses you could be buying!

Use your imagination.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless! Bespoke fitted bedroom furniture can be made from an array of materials and different types of woods. You can add glass, marble, mirrors or stainless steel to your design to give the effect you desire. Woods can be painted in hundreds of colours so it’s entirely up to you what you want. You can even get clever with your lighting, so when you open the door a light will come on so you can see what you are looking for (super handy in the Winter months) or have a lit area around an internal mirror for applying your make-up.

Create Storage Space.

We have touched on this a little above but bespoke fitted wardrobes and furniture give you maximum options for storage. Clothes, shoes, blankets, bedding can all be stored and we can design parts of the space to house specific items. For example, you may want a slightly larger compartment with your fitted wardrobe to hold duvets and blankets or smaller compartments for jewellery or smaller items like scarves and gloves, even an area for an integrated safe. We are pretty sure we can design you the wardrobe or storage of your dreams! And we love a challenge so we can always talk through more difficult spaces.

Under-Bed Storage

Not something we all think about but the space under your bed can be adapted for further storage, neat pull out drawers make what could be a messy storage area neat and tidy rather than a space where everything is just stuffed away! Perfect for shoe storage, paperwork or even toys.

Value & Affordability

Depending on your budget your fitted bedroom furniture can be as elaborate or as simple as you desire. The thing to remember with bespoke designed furniture is that it is unique to you, no-one else will have anything similar because it’s your space and your design! All of our handmade furniture is crafted using traditional carpentry techniques from solid hardwood, giving you peace of mind that you will have value for money and bespoke handmade furniture that will last a lifetime.

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