5 Reasons to Update your Kitchen in 2023

Bespoke kitchen farmhouse style in blue

5 reasons to update your kitchen in 2023

Why not start a new year with a new kitchen? It’s the perfect excuse to refresh and get that dream build you’ve always wanted. If I’ve caught your attention so far, keep reading for 5 reasons you should choose Dowers in 2023.

1.You can get the exact style and look you want

At Dowers we are completely bespoke, meaning that every part of the build is designed and created by us, using your ideas and desires. This means that every aspect of your kitchen is up to you from the colour, materials, focus points and anything else you can think of.

Farmhouse bespoke kitchen in sage green

2. Get an upgrade that will be long lasting

Our bespoke kitchens are built with only the best materials, creating a long lasting and durable space. Why wouldn’t you want a kitchen you know is going to last and prevent you having to go through all those regular, expensive top up and changes you would have to go through if you didn’t have a Dowers kitchen. Have you seen one of our clients’ kitchens is still perfect after 25 years of daily use?

White bespoke kitchen with circle wooden buttons

3. Make the most of the space you have

Think how functional your kitchen could be if you could plan it around your house’s architecture rather than what furniture fits in those awkward spaces. Due to our kitchens being bespoke, there will never be those pesky gaps or weirdly fitting cabinets! Every centimetre will be perfectly planned out and designed to create a perfect and seamless finish.

bespoke kitchen with centre island and farmhouse table

4. Use high-quality, sustainable materials

Bespoke kitchens are not only aesthetically pleasing and more functional but they are actually more eco-friendly as well. We only use quality, sustainable building materials rather than unethically sourced cheap wood like some other companies. Have you seen one of our clients used the wood from an old cherry tree in their garden? Not only did this remove the need to source other materials, it created a wonderful kitchen with a lot of heart and a great story.

White bespoke kitchen with circle wooden buttons

5. Increase your property value

Although we do build our kitchens to fit your lifestyle and your ideas, we understand that people move and lives change. If this is the case, a bespoke kitchen will increase your house value as it is of such high standard and durability. It will then last a lifetime with another family helping them with their new start.

If you are thinking of spicing up your house in 2023, head to Dowers and start the New Year with a great decision!

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