Our Promise

Our promise of craftsmanship and experience

We understand that having any new kitchen, never mind a handbuilt one, is a major decision. Our craftsmanship, experience, attention to detail and reputation all mean you can buy form Dowers with complete confidence; but we would say that, wouldn’t we? So in this section, we’ve included information about our guarantee, and stories from past projects to inspire, encourage and reassure you.

Our guarantee

From modern kitchen designs to more traditional kitchens our guarantee is probably the only part of your Dowers kitchen that you’ll never use. We take enormous care and pride in our work and seek to get things right the first time, every time. That said, even the best components (and it’s usually mechanical items, not the wood) can still spring the odd surprise on the most experienced maker, or conscientious owner.

So, if anything isn’t exactly as it should be once the installation’s complete, we’ll put it right, simple as that. And we’re so confident in our work that we don’t put a time limit on our guarantee: even if it’s years later, just call us and we’ll sort things out for you.

Traditional v Contemporary Construction

Our constructions are at the heart of our kitchen designs. This will give you an idea of the difference between “traditional” and “contemporary” construction. Construction does not affect the door design or the finish rather the manor and materials that are used in the construction of the units.

Contemporary Doors

Thickness 30mm
Joint – Dowelled
Hinge – Flush
Panel – MDF

Contemporary Drawers’

Joints – Butt and Biscuit
Drawer bottom – Plywood

Contemporary Fronts

Material – Wood and MDF
Staff bead not available

Traditional Doors

Thickness 30mm
Joint – Mortise and Tenon
Hinge – Butt
Panel – Wood or Oak veneered MDF

Traditional Drawers’

Joints – Dovetails
Drawer bottom – Wood

Traditional Fronts

Material – Wood
Staff bead – optional

Both Constructions

Interiors – Melamine
Cushion close doors
Cushion close drawers
Door styles

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