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Owning a handbuilt kitchen is one of life’s great pleasures. We’ve always believed that the process of creating it should be just as enjoyable. It’s creative. It’s fun. And we should probably add, it can be just a little addictive. Here’s how it works.

Our proven recipe

Although every Dowers kitchen is a one-off, they all begin and follow the same proven path from the initial site visit to the finished kitchen in your home. That path is designed to give you the kitchen you want, not what we think you should have. It is your kitchen. While we may make suggestions and try to help you on that path. IT IS YOUR KITCHEN.

This first stage is fundamental to all that happens thereafter, but it’s important to stress that nothing’s set in stone at this stage, and you can add, remove or completely rethink any element you wish; and you’re under no obligation to take matters any further if you change your mind. It is important to us, that the kitchen is right for you.

Initial site visit

We’ll visit your home to get a feel for the space, how you use it, and what you want from your new kitchen in terms of both aesthetics and ergonomics. We’ll take measurements and photos, identify any structural work that may be required. Discuss with you how you want the kitchen laid out. Then create initial plans and a detailed quotation.

Showroom meeting

We ask you to come into our showroom where, we’ll go through the initial drawings, discuss any alterations or amendments you want. We can show you various features that have been included or we suggest you should think about. We’ll also discuss the practicalities and construction plans

Update quote and full drawings

This is a collaborative process: if you’re not sure about something, we’ll talk about and, if necessary, change it. We’ll go through as many iterations as you need to finalise the design and budget. What matters is that you’re completely happy.

Contract signed

Congratulations – your new kitchen is going ahead. Even at this stage, the design, specification and budget are flexible; in fact, you can make changes right up to the final survey, which we’ll conduct about a week before we start the build.

Build and installation

We’ll invite you to our workshop to see your kitchen in progress. Some details, such as cutlery drawers and spice racks, can only be decided once the installation is under way and you get a feel for where you are going to store things.


We’ll help you care for your kitchen throughout its (very long) life. Whether it’s cosmetic, mechanical or structural, a breakage or failure, repairs or replacements, or just dealing with the inevitable wear and tear, we’re always here for you, and just a phone call or email away.

Where it all happens

Owning a handbuilt kitchen is one of life’s great pleasures. We’ve always believed that the process of creating it should be just as enjoyable. It’s creative. It’s fun. And we should probably add: it can be just a little addictive.

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