illuminated worktops

Illuminated Worktops


We create stunning, bespoke illuminated kitchen worktops to give your property that added WOW factor.

Is your space in need of a little life?

Our handmade illuminated worktops could be just what you are looking for! Created from any material of your choice we can create a range of effects to suit the look and feel you desire, made with LED lights that can be dimmed to create an atmospheric environment or for that added bit of ‘different’ the illuminated worktops can be created using coloured or multicoloured lighting.

We have tried to think of every aspect when it comes to creating these worktops, so we can also create phone charging stations which are cleverly hidden under the surface of the illuminated worktop. Whilst your device is charging the illuminated worktop will glow one colour, when the device is fully charged, it will glow another to let you know your device is fully charged.

Features and details

For the illuminated worktop shown on this page, we created a peninsular which gives our client the openness of a living space while at the same time separating the kitchen and dining/family space.

To help with the transition from kitchen to dining/living space the Oak, as pictured, is the perfect solution. The lights along the edges help to light the worktop on one side and on the other help create atmosphere while showing off the bespoke handmade kitchen we created and installed for them. All the lights are switched and able to be dimmed separately.

Our illuminated worktops create a stunning effect and are a great talking point at dinner parties.

Not just for kitchens.

Our illuminated worktops can be designed and made for any space from homes to commercial properties, think, hotel receptions, staircases, tables, office reception areas – anywhere you want to make an impact whilst still having a practical worktop.

Handmade in our workshop in Petersfield, Hampshire.

bespoke illuminated worksurface in walnut

If you’d like to talk to us about creating your own bespoke illuminated kitchen worktop, breakfast bar or anything else, click below to get in touch.

The Details

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