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Built on our passion for craftsmanship

We’ve been designing and building kitchens at our showroom and workshops in Hampshire for more than 35 years. In that time, styles and finishes have come and gone, trends and fashion have ebbed and flowed: we’ve stayed true to the principles of good design, and our dedication to working only in solid wood is as deep as the day we started.

The important thing is, we’re craftsmen, not artists. Everything we make looks beautiful because it’s designed and built to perform a definite function, using the best materials for the job. And when it comes to your kitchen, we can bring insights, ideas and suggestions based on hundreds of previous projects and decades of combined experience. But it is your kitchen.

The Collection

Your kitchen will, of course, be designed and built to your precise, personal specification. certain styles have proved enduringly, and deservedly, popular. Our collections offer inspiration and the perfect starting point if you’re specifying a handbuilt kitchen for the first time.

Remember, we’ll make every element, from scratch, for you, so there’s plenty of scope to let your imagination run wild.

 stamford drawing


Like so much of what we do this was led by our client, Mrs Stanford. The design includes many features from all sorts of sources The door may be a Shaker door, but the finish is limed Oak.


shaker drawing


This popular door has been around for many years and is a simple version of a more complicated door which reflects it’s origins. The simple lines make it idea for many environments.


hennam drawing


If you want simple, this is simple. The doors and drawer fronts are all completely flat. Like many of our designs this was driven by client’s requests for something that was very, very simple and very easy to keep clean.


farmhouse drawing


This has been our most popular kitchen over the last 35 odd years. It harps back to the old ledge and brace doors which you will find in many old properties.


Our latest news


Look below the surface


Designing your new kitchen involves many decisions – and few are as important as your choice of worktops. Of course, they have to complement your units, flooring and décor; but these are hardworking, practical surfaces you’ll be using for preparing and serving food. And with so many materials available, it’s...


Why is ‘Shaker style’ so called?


Shaker is one of the most enduringly popular and versatile kitchen styles, equally suited to a country cottage, contemporary new-build or period property. Its appeal lies in its clean, simple, uncluttered lines, free of mouldings, carvings, fancy shapes or elaborate decoration. It can be plain or painted, easily refreshed or...


Bespoke Bedrooms Designers Surrey


The idea of creating your own dream home may sound too good to be true, but it is entirely possible and we aim to help make this dream a reality! We are highly experienced in creating bespoke bedrooms, as well as kitchens and other areas of your home to suit...

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